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Trucking accidents can be particularly devastating due to the large size and weight of these vehicles. There are a number of factors that can cause a truck to wreck, but one of the most commonly reported explanations involves "equipment failure." Malfunctioning parts make it difficult for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles, which puts other motorists on the road in immediate danger.

Trucking companies and drivers are obligated to make sure every truck in operation is in good, safe condition. Unfortunately, they don’t all adhere to this requirement, which is why truck accidents frequently take place.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries because of the equipment failure of a truck, contact the Connecticut truck accident lawyers at Naizby Law. We know how to represent victims in these specific types of personal injury cases and will work hard to help you recover the damages you’re entitled to.

Common Types of Truck Equipment Failure

Although truck equipment failure can happen in many forms, some of the most common include:

  • Brake failure: Brakes are often the first line of defense in motorist safety. Insufficient maintenance of the braking system can lead to brake failure and make it impossible for a trucker to stop in time to avoid hazards.
  • Defective tires: The tires on a commercial truck are under quite a bit of stress from carrying heavy loads. Tire blowouts or tread separation typically occur because tires haven’t been properly inspected or changed.
  • Missing or defective mirrors: Trucks have numerous blind spots, and drivers have to rely on a variety of mirrors to let them know when smaller vehicles are alongside them. If any are missing or defective, this could result in unsafe lane changes.
  • Missing or defective lights: Lights generally cover the length of trucks, allowing other motorists to easily spot when a truck is in their path. Missing or defective lighting can lead to direct collisions.
  • Steering failure: If the steering goes out on a truck, the driver will become incapable of controlling which way it turns. This may cause the vehicle to jackknife or collide with other motorists.

Determining Liability in a Personal Injury Case Involving Truck Equipment Failure

As stated in regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, trucking companies and their drivers have a duty to stay on top of vehicle inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance. Failure to comply with these standards can make them liable for injuries sustained in a truck accident where equipment failure is found to be the cause.

An experienced truck accident lawyer will know the laws surrounding truck maintenance and how to look for evidence that shows a company or driver was neglectful in upholding FMCSA regulations. He can request certain documents that detail the vehicle’s inspection, repair, and maintenance history as proof to make a personal injury case stronger. In addition, he will review the truck’s onboard electronic monitor to collect data that explains how the accident happened. In some cases, it is found that companies dispatch trucks despite being aware that they have mechanical problems.

Contact Connecticut Truck Accident Lawyers for Help

There may be several at-fault parties in claims of truck equipment failure. Our Connecticut truck accident lawyers at Naizby Law will carefully go over the circumstances of your case to make sure everyone is held accountable who should be. The consequences of a truck accident can be life-altering in terms of injuries and finances. We are committed to helping you recoup maximum compensation to pay for medical expenses and the loss of current and future income. Call us at (203) 245-8500 to schedule a case evaluation.

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