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We expect many things of our education system. Perhaps most importantly, we expect that our children will be safe while they are on school premises. Teachers, principals, counselors, and other adult educators are entrusted to watch over students and protect them from harm. When a teacher is accused of sexually assaulting one of his or her students, it can be devastating for not only the victim, but the entire community.

What Is Considered Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment in education is any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that interferes with a student’s ability to learn, study, or participate in school activities. Unfortunately, such abuse is common in middle and high schools throughout the United States. Sexual harassment covers a wide range of behaviors, including lewd comments, sexual innuendo, inappropriate flirting, unwanted touching, and in extreme cases, sexual assault and rape.

Legally, sexual harassment is defined as unwanted behavior of a sexual nature. However, even "consensual" sexual interactions between students and teachers are considered abuse because the inherent power dynamic makes it impossible to have mutual consent. On college campuses, because students are often legal adults (over 18), making a case for abuse can be more complicated. But in general, consensual sex between a teacher and student is looked upon as harassment and abuse.

How Serious a Problem Is Sexual Assault by Teachers?

While it is hard to quantify how extensive the problem is, research has shown sexual harassment to be prevalent in schools. A 2000 survey by the American Association of University Women found that over 80% of students from 8th to 11th grade had experienced sexual harassment in schools. Of those, nearly 40% had reported being harassed or abused by a teacher or school employee.

More recently, the same organization found that over 60% of students had experienced sexual harassment in a university setting. Of those, 20% of the incidents involved a teacher or administrator. Despite the prevalence, only 10% of the victims reported the harassment to a university employee and more than 35% never told anyone about the experience.

From 2002 to 2007, the Associated Press reported more than 2,500 cases of sexual abuse by teachers.

What Does Abuse Look Like?

Sexual harassment and assault can take many forms:

  • Verbal harassment can include inappropriate jokes or remarks, lewd comments, homophobic slurs, comments pertaining to particular body parts, and rating a student’s physical appearance.
  • Non-verbal harassment can include writing notes, facial expressions, inappropriate or lewd gestures, indecent exposure, and sharing pictures with sexual content.
  • Physical harassment or abuse includes unwanted touching, the pulling of clothes, and any forced sexual contact, including kissing or hugging.

What Options Do Victims Have?

If you or a loved one has been sexually harassed by a teacher or school employee, including coaches or tutors, it is important to take action immediately. Even if the interaction seems minor (such as inappropriate jokes), it’s usually an indicator of more serious transgressions.

Being abused by a trusted authority figure can have a lifelong effect on the victim. He or she can face a great deal of unwanted scrutiny; be ostracized by peers; struggle with psychological trauma; and suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, and other forms of mental illness.

At Naizby Law, we believe that victims deserve to be protected. You are entitled to be fully compensated for any damages caused by an abusive teacher, including medical bills, counseling fees, medications, mental torment, and more. To schedule a free and private consultation with one of our Connecticut sexual abuse attorneys, call us today at (203) 245-8500.

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