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Slip and Falls: What You Need to Know

Most store venues and establishments are required to keep a safe environment for their patrons and customers. But what happens when they do not do this? An unsafe environment puts people at risk. One of these risks is a slip-and-fall injury.

Slip-and-fall incidents can occur virtually anywhere. They can be minor or fatal. Possible consequences include only minor inconveniences to disabilities and even death. It’s important that you equip yourself with the knowledge to handle these situations.

What Are Some Common Causes?

Slip-and-fall incidents most often occur when environmental dangers are overlooked. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), common risks include:

  • Spills on walking surfaces.
  • Loose flooring, mats, or rugs.
  • Boxes/containers obstructing a passage or randomly left in a walkway.
  • Protruding nails or boards coming out from the floor.
  • Weather conditions, such as snow or rain.

Risks also include a plethora of other factors not included in this list. In addition, some people are more vulnerable to slip and falls than others. According to The National Floor Safety Institute, elderly people over the age of 65 are more "at risk" in general.

How Is the Law Involved?

In slip-and-fall lawsuits, two of the most important factors are grounds liability and statutes of limitation. Grounds liability refers to the liability of the owner of the grounds - who is "in charge" of the environment in which you fell? In addition to that, grounds liability refers to the owner’s responsibility. Was the fall a result of the owner’s negligence? This is important because Connecticut law allows you to seek justice if there is injury to a person or property caused by negligence, misconduct, or malpractice.

The statute of limitations laws regulate a certain amount of time in which you can seek justice. In Connecticut, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of injury (or when you discovered it). That time applies both to your injury and to any damage to your possessions. Compensation can be sought due to personal injury.

Can I Seek Compensation?

A lot of information has been covered, but let’s circle back to the interesting part: can I seek compensation for my slip and fall? To answer this, we need to explore the extent of liability.

Earlier, we talked about grounds liability. Let’s see how this works in certain scenarios.

  • Situation A: I went to my local grocery store during regular business hours. As I pushed my cart through an aisle, I slipped and fell on liquid on the floor. I did not know there was liquid on the floor, because there was no marked sign. Can I seek justice/compensation?
    Most likely, yes. It is up to the store to ensure safety for all its customers. To ensure safety, they are required to clean up any messes and clearly mark potential danger zones.
  • Situation B: I was at the movies with some friends. My shoelaces were untied, but I kept walking. I tripped and fell in the parking lot. Can I seek compensation?
    No. Compensation can only be sought if the entity/owner’s negligence to safety hazards causes you to slip and fall.
  • Situation C: I was at a restaurant with my family. As we walked, my father tripped on loose flooring and fell. Can we seek compensation?
    Most likely, yes. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to ensure safety for its patrons by cultivating a safe environment and being up-to-date with building codes and laws.

Where Can I Go for Help?

You might have noticed that two out of three answers included "most likely." To seek compensation, you need reasonable proof that the entity/owner’s negligence toward safety and care caused you to slip and fall.

A Connecticut premises liability attorney can help your case by examining legal violations and the physical conditions that led to your injury. We at Naizby Law have extensive experience in personal injury and negligence. We may be able to help. You can contact us at (203) 245-8500.

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