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Spinal Cord Injuries: What You Need to Know

According to the Mayo Clinic, a spinal cord injury (SCI) concerns any sort of damage dealt to any part of the spinal cord, spinal nerves, or spinal canal. Damage to your spinal cord can be life-altering. For those unfamiliar with the role the spinal cord plays, it acts as a messenger between your body and your brain. You can imagine that any delays or stops to these messages can be detrimental.

What Are the Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?

According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (otherwise known as the Mayo Clinic), the most common causes of a spinal cord injury include:

  • Car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle accidents.
  • Falls.
  • Violent acts, such as gunshots or knife-related incidents.
  • Injuries that occur due to sports activities/recreation.
  • Alcohol.
  • Diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, and spinal cord inflammation.

Spinal cord injuries occur most often between people aged 18 to 30 and people over 65. Engaging in risky behavior (like not taking proper precautions before playing a sport or driving a car) can increase the likelihood of an injury. Even a small insult can trigger a spinal cord injury, if you have a bone or joint disorder already.

What Conditions Can Develop as a Result?

Because your spinal cord connects signals from your body and brain, a whole range of conditions can occur due to injury. According to The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), spinal cord injuries are categorized as "incomplete" or "complete." In an incomplete injury, the spinal cord can still communicate with the brain and functions can still be completed below the level of injury. On the other hand, a complete injury means a total lack of sensory and motor control below the level of injury.

The Mayo Clinic states that the following conditions can occur from both a complete and incomplete injury:

  • Loss of bladder control, which can lead to urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and kidney and bladder stones.
  • Loss of bowel control.
  • Loss of skin sensation, which can increase pressure sores.
  • Loss of circulatory control, which can lead to blood pressure diseases and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Loss of respiratory control, which can lead to trouble breathing and an increased risk of lung problems.
  • Muscle loss and limited mobility.
  • Problems with sexual activities.
  • Neuropathic or central pain.
  • Depression.

How Is a Spinal Cord Injury Treated?

Treatment for this injury differs depending on the severity and case specifics. Most treatment includes either rehabilitation or medications. This can include:

  • Breathing and respiratory support.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Counseling/therapy for emotional support.
  • Electrical simulation to aid with motor function (controlling different parts of your body).
  • Medical devices, such as wheel chairs, computer tools, and other more modern treatments.

Treatment can also include surgery. Surgery is sometimes needed to either remove fractures or stabilize the spine to prevent future issues. Experimental treatments might also be offered, although these are not always guaranteed to work or even help.

How Can I Be Compensated?

If you or someone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. According to Connecticut’s General Statues (section 54 to 210), monetary compensation can be owed for expenses related to medical care and even loss of earning power/wages due to an injury or a death.

Where Can I Go for Legal Help?

Because each case is unique, it is best to contact an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer to assess your exact situation. Naizby Law knows what to do when dealing with spinal cord injury cases. If you are injured and seek compensation, we may be able to help. Contact us at (203) 245-8500 for further help and guidance.

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