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One of the most traumatizing types of injury a person can suffer is a burn. Not only are burns incredibly painful, but they also leave physical and emotional scars that stay with the victim for the rest of his or her life. There are many different sources of burns, but fires and chemicals are the most common.

When burns are the direct result of another party’s negligence, there’s a good chance it is possible to file a personal injury claim to pursue compensation. As a burn victim, or the family member of someone who has been harmed in a fire or by chemicals, it’s essential to have a Connecticut burn injury attorney review your claim to see if you are entitled to recover damages.

Results of Severe Fire and Chemical Burns

The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it serves a variety of crucial functions. When a person endures a fire or chemical burn, there are a number of long-term effects to consider. Some burns are even life-threatening and will call for years of extensive treatment.

There are varying degrees of burns, ranging from minor to major depending on how much skin was damaged. First-degree burns only slightly injure the top layer of skin, while second-degree burns go a little deeper. Third-degree burns are the most severe, penetrating every layer of skin and exposing the nerve endings.

Burns can result in a number of physical impairments, as they regularly impact a body’s nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones, and respiratory system. In addition, they may affect joint function, fluid balance, body temperature, and manual dexterity. The psychological trauma that burn victims face can be just as detrimental as their physical pain. Injuries can completely alter a person’s appearance and lead to low self-esteem and depression.

Common Circumstances Where Fire and Chemical Burns Occur

There are several types of negligent actions that can cause fire burns. Common circumstances include car accidents, lack of smoke detectors in apartments and hotels, faulty electrical wiring, and defective products.

Usually, chemical burns are caused when a person comes into contact with strong bases or acids. However, burns may also develop from contact with the fumes or gases of certain chemicals. Working in an environment where chemicals are routinely handled increases the risk of suffering a burn. Chemical spills and the use of cleaning products frequently contribute to chemical burns.

Proving Liability in Burn Injury Cases

There are a number of medical expenses associated with serious burn injuries, including extended hospital stays, skin grafts, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, and psychological counseling. The road to recovery is frequently long and grueling, made worse by mounting healthcare bills. If a victim’s burns could have been prevented and he or she has a substantial liability case, a Connecticut burn injury attorney can help to establish responsibility to secure restitution.

Generally, it must be proven that there was a duty of care between the parties that was breached by the defendant, resulting in the victim’s significant injuries. It takes an experienced lawyer to collect the evidence documenting how a burn injury occurred and what the extent of the damage is.

Consult With an Experienced Connecticut Burn Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been the unfortunate victim of a burn injury, it’s important to speak with qualified legal counsel as soon as possible. Our Connecticut personal injury attorneys at Naizby Law can help obtain the damages you need to pay high medical costs and cover your loss of income. We will work hard to provide proof of negligence and get you the full compensation you deserve. Contact us at (203) 245-8500 to schedule a consultation.

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