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If you or your loved one has suffered injuries because of another person, it is imperative that you seek qualified legal representation as soon as possible. Every law firm - and attorney - is unique, so choosing wisely is important to the success of any case.

John F. Naizby has an intimate knowledge of personal injury cases. Not only is he a highly skilled trial attorney, he was also the victim of an act of negligence himself, having been hit by a vehicle while cycling. He understands the urgency of seeking fair compensation, both as a lawyer and as an individual. He will fight relentlessly to hold the negligent party accountable.

It can be difficult to know where to turn for help after a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other serious injury; at first the focus is all on restoring health and mobility. As the weeks pass, medical bills begin to pile up, which can range into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few short months. In cases of serious or catastrophic injury, the medical costs may last for years, or even a lifetime.

The losses suffered by victims go far beyond just the costs of treating injuries - the personal impact on a person is often life-changing. It is important that you seek justice and full compensation, and your personal injury lawyer will play a significant role in the outcome of your case: Both in its successful conclusion and in the amount paid to you via settlement or jury award.

Personal Injury Lawsuits in Connecticut

In Connecticut, personal injury cases are filed in civil court. The statute of limitations requires that any such case be filed within two years of the injury. Rules for filing against government entities are different: Within six months for claims against a city or county, and within one year for claims against a state agency. Your case must be filed within the legal time limits, or you will completely lose your right to seek compensation.

Out-of-Court Settlements

In most cases, a settlement is negotiated out of court between your attorney and the attorneys representing the insurance company or other party. On occasion, a heavily contested personal injury case will proceed to trial. In either case, you need to have confidence that your personal injury lawyer will aggressively pursue the maximum amount possible in damages. The skills, craft, knowledge, and legal experience of your attorney often make a dramatic difference in the amount of money you receive.

Damages in a Personal Injury Case in Connecticut

The damages in a personal injury case include both economic and non-economic losses. These are generally as follows:

  • Economic Damages: This portion of a settlement includes lost wages, lost future wages, lost earning potential, medical costs, medical equipment, and other hard costs.
  • Non-Economic Damages: These damages are often a large portion of the settlement, and reflect the impact upon the person and his or her future. They include a dollar amount placed upon the loss of quality of life and/or emotional impact, as well as pain and suffering.

Comparative Fault

In Connecticut, personal injury cases are influenced by what is termed "comparative fault." In some cases, the injured party may be accused of being partially to blame for what occurred. The settlement amount will be reduced by a percentage - the percentage of the incident that is deemed to have been the fault of the victim. Claims about who was to blame can affect the amount paid in a settlement, and must be managed with great skill, whether the case proceeds to trial or is settled outside of court.

Injured in Connecticut? Call Naizby Law Now

If you or a loved one has been injured, contact Naizby Law as soon as possible. Your case will require supporting evidence, and the earlier we begin the process, the better the chances of achieving justice and a fair settlement or jury award. Let us go to work for you. Our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis - no legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for you. Call now for legal help you can trust at (866) 284-3578.

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John has received the America’s Top 100 Attorneys Lifetime Achievement Award.

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John is a graduate and senior instructor at the Trial Lawyers College.

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