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Construction Site Accidents & Work Injuries

Working construction is already one of the most dangerous jobs. That’s why negligence on a construction site can be so devastating. Accidents often lead to significant injuries or even death, and victims include both workers and the public. These unfortunate incidents are frequently the result of system failures at the management level, faulty equipment, or poor training.

Workers Are at Serious Risk

OSHA’s statistics on construction site accidents paint a frightening picture. One in ten construction workers is injured every year, and nearly 20% of jobsite fatalities yearly are construction workers. While we may refer to them as "accidents," they are often avoidable.

OSHA has highlighted what it terms the "Fatal Four," the four main categories responsible for the most accidents. Together, they are responsible for over 60% of construction worker fatalities.

They are:

  • Falls: When a worker drops from a height. There is a particular danger on construction sites if proper restraints aren’t used, or if safety procedures are not strictly followed when workers are high up.
  • Struck by object: Conversely, many workers are hurt on the ground when an object, such as a tool, falls from a higher level. Such accidents can lead to severe head and brain injuries. These accidents can affect passersby as well when inadequate protection is installed on sites next to sidewalks, streets, or other public spaces.
  • Electrocution: Workers are frequently exposed to electrical wires as they are being installed. Any time workers are around electrical equipment or devices, they must know and follow all standard safety precautions.
  • Caught-in between: Construction sites have many large machines, such as forklifts. Injuries often occur when a worker is caught between heavy machinery and a wall, container, or other sizeable object.

Injuries Could Be Avoided with Safety Rules

The state of Connecticut has strict laws that require employers to maintain a safe and hazard-free work environment. Safety guidelines are to be clearly explained, employees are to be adequately trained on all protocols and equipment, and equipment and vehicles are to be inspected on a regular basis. Because a failure in the process can lead to injuries or death, employers on construction sites must remain vigilant and make safety the highest priority.

The common safety violations include:

  • a failure to properly enforce the correct use of safety equipment, such as harnesses and scaffolding;
  • a failure to properly place warning signs;
  • a failure to properly position equipment;
  • a failure to properly restrict the flow of traffic;
  • a failure to properly manage the site and its personnel.

While many of the injuries we see involve individuals, construction sites also have large-scale accidents. For instance, entire buildings have been known to collapse, putting everyone inside at risk. Such accidents are often caused by poor design, defective materials, or not building to code. Gas explosions are another catastrophe that can happen. When dealing with gas lines, extreme care must be taken at all times.

If you or a loved one was injured in any kind of construction accident, you should seek the help of an experienced attorney who can advocate on your behalf.

Representation for Victims Injured by Construction Site Negligence

The legal team at Naizby Law has access to well-respected, nationally known experts who can review the circumstances of your construction site injury. We will get an investigator to the site to preserve evidence prior to contamination or removal. We are well-versed in OSHA violations and we stand ready to take on the toughest cases. No one should be left uncompensated for accidents that were the result of someone else’s negligence.

Contact a Connecticut personal injury lawyer at Naizby Law at (203) 245-8500 to schedule a free consultation today.

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