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How Does Connecticut Rank for Safest Drivers?

By Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney on April 24, 2017

Living in Connecticut has its perks: good food, good views, and tons of places to visit. This East Coast-living brings people from all over to live or just to visit. With so many people coming around, the roads are packed full. It’s important to be mindful while driving, not only for your safety, but also for the safety of others.

In this spirit, Allstate offers an annual driving safety report (based on customer information from their programs) to promote safety education. The report ranks drivers’ safety in 200 of the largest cities in America. Recently, Allstate released the 2016 results of their America’s Best Drivers Report.

Do you want the good news first? Well, Connecticut wasn’t the worst place to be. In fact, one part of the state increased in safety by two places! But now it’s time for a little bit of bad news. Another part of Connecticut suffered a small decrease in driver safety from last year’s report. Unfortunately, both areas sat towards the end of list.

So, What Are Our Exact Results?

The Connecticut results focused on New Haven (the metropolitan areas of New Haven and Milford) and Bridgeport (metropolitan areas of Bridgeport, Stamford, and Norwalk). New Haven scored the 190th spot (out of 200), dropping from 189 in 2015. Bridgeport fared a little better, scoring the 185th spot. Last year, it was two spots down at 187.

The report also analyzed relative claim likelihood (as compared to the national average) and the average years between claims. The relative claim likelihood for Bridgeport was 42.3%, while New Haven boasted 51.3%. The average years between claims were 7 for Bridgeport and 6.6 for New Haven.

How Does Connecticut Compare to Other Highly Populated Areas?

The busy streets of New York City received a better ranking (143rd). But hey, at least we’re not Los Angeles (placing 193rd) or Boston (placing last)!

In addition, New Haven and Bridgeport averaged 20.8 and 22.8 brake events (events where one would brake to avoid a collision), respectively. Both rates were a little higher than the national average of 20.

What Do These Results Mean to You?

In their study, Allstate found a connection between hard breaking and car accidents. The cities with larger accident rates shared higher brake rates. So, if Connecticut held a slightly higher rate of brake events, it follows that we are at an increased rate of collisions.

These results aren’t the end of the world, but they should be used as precautionary information. Be careful of your surroundings, especially around more populated areas and times. Drive safely.

What Happens If You Are Involved in a Car Crash?

Your own precautions won’t always prevent you from being involved in a collision. If you or someone you know is involved in a collision, you can contact the Connecticut car accident attorneys at Naizby Law to see what options are available for you. Call (203) 245-8500.

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